Pattern of Examination

For Class Nursery to U.K.G:

No formal examination will be held for these classes. Kids are assessed on the basic of daily class performance and the worksheet given them. It also involves the Assessment of work habits and other social and personal qualities.

For Class 1 to VIII:

Annual examination — in annual examination students need To because at least 33% marks to be promoted to the next class. Unit last will every month unit test of make 10 will be arranged in the class the marks of U.T. will not be added in final exam but compulsory for child’s academics point of view.

NOTE:-  Students are required to appear for all examinations as scheduled students absents for an examination for any reason what so ever will not be re-examined in case of absence due to illness, a medical certificate will be required absence for any other reason will not will be accepted.


A good curriculation is a systematic & complete package of success. Our curriculum is divided Into three parts.


Each stage of this part is planned systematically keeping the child in focus, So that, Knowledge of each child be useful even outside the circle of books and examination.

In this part we pay attention to extra activities related to curricular activities to avail bearing teaching learning process so that we make joyful Learning and to develop child’s skill.

Students are engaged in drawing, coloring and puzzles.

Teachers & kids relation is very friendly and teachers treat the children. Like him/ her guardian.

House System

There are four house represented the name of great leaders of our country, Gandhi house, Nehru house, Subhash house, Azad house.

Child Centred Education

Each and every child born is talented and with same potential. Our role is to inspire them academically, physically, mentally and socially.


Health is must for kids. A Good health makes the healthy nation, regular health check-up are done in school.

Teachers & kids relation is very friendly and teachers treat the children Like him/ her guardian.

Partnerships we envision our students growing up as Leadership and trust worthy citizen of our nation. The purpose Of institute is to provide high quality all-round educations. To The children under the guidance of our able team of teacher & a motivated supporting staff who ensure their well-being the Children spend long hours in the much required safe & secured Environment as a principal my basic focus is to in collate in child. The physical intellectual emotional & social develop through creative. And attractive learning & create an environment in such a way that your child feels like home.